How to Build the Site


All the pages from the site are in HTML and located under the xdocs folder. The site is built using Maven which takes the documents and sows them together along with a CSS to form the nice pretty site your looking at.

Before Maven can build the site however, it has to turn the HTML documents into something it can process, called xdoc. oh, and to setup the nice navigation bar, it looks up the information it needs from a file called navigation.xml, again in the xdocs folder.

So, the general process is as follows.

  1. Edit or create a new HTML document using your favorite editor.

  2. Adjust the navigation.xml file if required.

  3. Pre-process the HTML to create xdoc.

  4. Use Maven to build the site.

  5. Project admin's can then deploy the site to SourceForge.


To follow the process above, you'll need;

  • A HTML editor, such as Frontpage or Nvu.

  • Maven 1.0.2. Install as per instructions from the Maven site.

Building the site

  1. Checkout the project from Subversion.

  2. Run the following command from the project's root folder to pre-process then build the site.

    maven clean html2xdoc:transform site